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About Us

Student Experiences

Marlin has a student run soccer club and basketball club led by students in 5th and 6th grade. During recess the leaders of the running and basketball club lead our primary students through drills, exercises, and games that support the development of soccer and basketball skills. This is a highly engaging and active club for our younger students, and provides an opportunity for our older students to develop leadership and responsibility.We have three teacher-led clubs: Running Club, Choir, and Chess. Our Running Club is for our third through sixth grade students and meets weekly in the spring. We take advantage of our 12 acres, which includes our running and walking path, as well as our new playground equipment to lead students through a variety of exercises that promote activity and health. Our choir is offered to fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students and they practice at least one per week. Students from the Marlin Choir have participated in the Indiana Honor Choir at the district and state level. Our chess club meets throughout the year and regularly participates in chess tournaments.

Community Partnership

Classes at Marlin have developed a partnership with Sycamore Land Trust to provide students with outdoor environmental education. They work with teachers and students to identify birds, explore animals and their habitats, grow and learn the importance of native plants, and develop a well-rounded appreciation for nature.The Community Outreach Coordinator from the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District provides environmental education lessons to our 1st grade classes. Visiting bi-monthly, she presents engaging and hands-on lessons about recycling, insects, worms, energy, air, and soil, and much more. We partner with the Lotus Festival to bring live, and often interactive, world music into our schools.